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The PAD community, that could be translated as Plan Aviation Future, was born in 2020 with some organizations from Toulouse, France. Since then, the community has grown with people all over France.

In 2022 the community is composed of economists, researchers, professors, aeronautics workers, aeronautics suffuring people, workers federations, students, retired workers, every one working together to make sustaibable aviation possible.

We work also with NGOs, schools, trade unions and other communities of people to enlarge our vision and horizons as we need everyone to fight climate change.

Here find our translate report (we are working on the lay out) :

Challenges of the climate crisis and social impacts on the aviation and shipping sectors. Presentation done by Dominique Wartelle in August 2022 at the European Summer University of Social Movements :

Here below you can find some of our translated articles :

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