Build our mobilization tools today, without waiting for tomorrow!

The PAD will participate in the human chain for the climate this Saturday, April 9 in Toulouse and everywhere in France.

« A few days before the presidential election, they want us to believe that history is already written. But it is up to us to write it ».

This is how the press release, calling for this next human chain for climate, begins.
What a good idea! to take to the streets on the eve of the first round of the presidential elections to remind once again that it is not the climate that needs to be changed but the system. This initiative is also a reminder that it is not enough to change the political staff at the turn of an election, it is necessary to make sure, once the change is made, that the recommended program is really applied.

Territorial struggles

Also, recent struggles that create countervailing powers to oppose policies that perpetuate the world of before, such as the Coucoo project to develop a residential park on the shores of Lake Montbel, are scoring points and winning court cases.
Other projects are still in progress, such as the Occitanie Tower, the Toulouse-Castres highway, the green axis… By forming collectives and taking legal action, citizens confronted with new nuisances are refusing to be ransacked. They became specialists and experts of the law not to undergo. They have become specialists in nature to fight a bureaucracy whose roadmap is to destroy a territory in order to build a new supermarket or a future highway.

This is how the PAD was formed, by merging the knowledge of the airbuses with the work of scientists and activists who think that the airplane is too important a tool to leave in the hands of the airlines. In Toulouse, it is not possible to demonstrate against global warming without addressing the issue of the plane and its contribution to global warming. Indeed, the aeronautics industry, which is hegemonic in the region, operates around a single scenario: the exponential development of air traffic! Beyond the climatic incompatibility (whatever the innovations), this puts in danger thousands of employees who will later suffer the consequences of the refusal to transform the industry. Because, let’s be clear, aeronautics will be sustainable or it won’t be. Let’s not wait for fuels useful to the daily life of the population to conflict with the leisure activities of the richest 20% of the world population.

The IPCC and aviation

Once again the scientific community via the IPCC tells us that we have 3 years to reduce our global emissions in all sectors. For aviation, this gives us three years to slow down and reverse the expansionism of manufacturers like Airbus and airlines that are currently leading us into the wall by trying to maintain growth.

Air traffic must decrease to take its fair share in the fight against global warming. The PAD has proposals to make this possible without social breakage.

So let’s take to the streets this Saturday, April 9th to show our desire for a sustainable future to the next teams in charge!

The PAD will be there, and you?

Translated with the support of DeepL